We3 - Frank Quitely, Grant Morrison CRYING ALL THE TEARS.

This is just the saddest-happiest thing ever. I already knew the dog lived before I started (I made my boyfriend read it before me because I refuse to read anything in which a dog dies because it is JUST TOO SAD) but that didn't make it any less heartbreaking. Favourite thing about it was the balance of the characters - the humans weren't caricature bad guys, the animals did some pretty scary shit. I just... I loved this. The art is absolutely gorgeous as well, if a little graphic in parts (in particular, the second issue has some panels that made me feel a little nauseous). The cat was pretty excellent, thought it seemed quite true to what I imagine cats to think (I don't like cats much generally). And the poor bunny seemed to have everything bad happen to it.

Well worth a look if you like intelligent comics. Is gud comic.