PopCo - Scarlett Thomas This is the best Scarlett Thomas book I've read so far (I loved The End of Mr Y as well, was not quite so keen on Our Tragic Universe - it had its good points, but not enough to outweigh the directionless mish mash of a story).

I love the idea of it being set in a toy company. I love the protagonist. I love all the codebreaking stuff. This book appeals to all of my sensibilities. Yeah, it's a bit hammy in places, but that's part of its appeal. These kind of things are supposed to be hammy. The veganism/vegetarianism stuff sort of annoyed me, but not enough to take away from the fact that this is the most cohesively narrated of Thomas's books (of the one's I've read, rather) and that the central hook is both the most accessible (some of the thought experiment stuff in TEOMY would, I suspect, put people off) and most inherently enjoyable and applicable of her "gimmicks". As a piece of speculative fiction, this is... just. I can't explain it. Just read it, you'll see what I mean. Also, running theme in my reviews today, but Alice felt believable. She wasn't a Lisbeth Salander/Katniss/Whatever caricature, she completely seemed normal! Result!

I am FULLY aware of how terrible these reviews are, btw, but I go to Barcelona tomorrow and there is no way I'll remember anything I wanted to write after that. Sorry! If I EVER get a chance to reread any of these, I'll fix them, I swear.